Residential Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning

It’s important to note that there are different cleaning strategies between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. This is to ensure that the other environments are properly cleaned.

What it takes to clean a Home vs. an Office Building

Residential cleaning

Whether it’s for house cleaning or you’re running a business and need a vacation cleaning, it’s all about creating a comfortable living space or people. It’s a combination of periodic deep cleaning solutions with constant and routine maintenance cleaning. This cleaning is equal parts aesthetic cleaning and sanitary cleaning.

Commercial cleaning

When it comes to the workplace, this cleaning is all about sanitation and creating a safe and clean workspace for employees. This can include cleaning office space, such as desks and cubicles, and the communal kitchen and pantry. Most importantly, it keeps the office bathrooms clean and hygienic. This leads to a clean working environment which promotes a healthy workforce.

Commercial cleaning can also include retail locations that need extra special attention as they are very high-traffic areas, with both workers and customers alike. These require constant disinfects to prevent outbreaks.

Tips From The Pros

Understand that these are two very different processes and ways of cleaning. Residential cleaning, even vacation cleaning, can be something you may want to tackle yourself. Commercial cleaning is really left to professionals as there’s specialized expensive equipment to handle. Commercial-grade cleaning equipment can also be toxic without the right protective gear and handling.

Consider working with professionals for your Residential or Commercial Cleaning

A professional cleaning service, such as ourselves at Coachella Maids, will know the different cleaning approaches and ensure the best job happens when you work with us. That’s why you can eliminate the headache of house or office cleaning and reach out to us today to get a cleaning quote and schedule today.

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