House Cleaning Tips

Are you ready to get your scrub on? House cleaning is not only essential to maintain a healthy living space but can also help improve your mood with all that clutter being gone.

Always clean a bit

That means you want to consider cleaning as you go for your residential cleaning. If you see that the trash needs to be taken out or that the clutter is building up take care of it so when it’s time for your regular cleaning schedule it won’t be such a hassle.

If something only takes a few minutes to clean up, such as a spill, organizing a drawer with fresh clothes, or taking out the dishes from the dryer, this will also help reduce the cleaning needed later.

Consider Eco-Friendly Options with Your House Cleaning

What you didn’t know about cleaning was how eco-friendly it could be. It’s so easy to make a vinegar and water solution that can help keep your house spotless. Adding some lemon to it will help eliminate the strong odor produced by the vinegar.

“Real” feather dusters are recommended for dusting. Stop wasting your money on synthetic dusters or those disposable options that lead to too much waste.

You probably already know how powerful baking soda is to help eliminate odors in the refrigerator. However, did you know that you can use baking soda, vinegar, and lemon to clean your glass showers and remove the streaks normally associated with other sprays such as Windex. Baking soda is also used to clean ovens, grease stains, microwaves, stained marble, clogged drains, and coffee cups. It is slightly abrasive, so it works best on proteins, animal messes, and grease.  It is also an abrasive that removes stains and particles from surfaces. Amazingly, it works better than soap.

Use these “Tips from the Pros”

Be systemic with your house cleaning. Every commercial cleaning or office cleaning company starts from a corner and works its way through the room, as you should as well. It’s also about consistency, and you should clean weekly, where you will see each successive week become easier to clean.

Work With Us Today For Your House Cleaning

We at Coachella Maids offer a range of professional housekeeping services both for residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. Feel free to reach out to us today with any questions.

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