How do you clean the bathroom in 10 minutes?

This guide will help you clean the bathroom effectively and quickly so you don’t always dread this part of the house cleaning. Keep in mind that you only need 10 minutes to do a general cleaning versus a deep cleaning. However, it will still be comprehensive enough and get to those areas that are the dirtiest.

When you clean the bathroom start with the toilet

That’s right – start with the most ‘dangerous’ part of the cleaning. Give it an initial flush and get those gloves on. Pour the toilet cleaner into the bowl and scrub with the toilet brush. You then want the product to soak a bit with the toilet, and after some time, simply flush it all again. Finish up the toilet with a wet paper towel to wipe around it and throw it in the trash.

Get to the sink and mirror

From the toilet, work your way toward the bathroom sink and counter. Now you’re going to switch to your all-purpose cleaner and the sponge with the scrubbing feature. Wipe down everything, including the faucet and drain. You finally want to rinse and wipe a few times until the sink is sparkling clean.

You want to clean the mirror from there with the all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels. You can consider using glass cleaner or a homemade vinegar cleaning solution if you see streaks.

The shower area is next

Only use the specialized cleaner if it’s visibly dirty here; otherwise, stick to the all-purpose cleaner and spray down the tub, the tiles, the showerhead, practically everything. You also want it to soak a bit this time, and then use the sponge to rinse everything down. Finish up with clean paper towels that are slightly wet.

Mopping the floor is the last stage to clean the bathroom

Sweep away any physical debris and then mop the tiled floor with all-purpose cleaner. Once done just take out the trash and you’re all done!

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