How to clean stainless steel appliances

You want to preserve the beautiful look stainless steel appliances give and protect your investment. So, with a regular house cleaning schedule, your cleaning will be easier, and you won’t have to resort to harsher cleaning methods. Your biggest issue will be water spots and hard water that can build up and cause blemishes on your appliances that need to be cleaned. So let’s get into the best way to clean stainless steel appliances.

Make use of a fiber cloth to clean stainless steel appliances

This helps ensure you can do a general cleaning but not accidentally scratch the stainless steel. Dampen the cloth and use it to wipe down the appliances. This will easily remove the visible dust and dirt that’s built up.

Do a deeper clean

From here, you’ll want to create a mild cleaning solution, and it’s typically best to use dish soap and warm water. Mix it with your sponge and make sure the sponge doesn’t have any scouring features or abrasive materials.

You should be able to get any hard-to-clean stains simply by applying more pressure and intensity with the sponge because the appliance is stainless steel. You also want to work in small sections, rinse the sponge often, and reapply fresh cleaning solutions.

Finish up with multiple rinses to clean stainless steel appliances

From here you want to start rinsing away the soapy mixture combined with the dirt and continue to do so until all you see is clean water. Then dry everything again with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. If you see scaling or water spots, start with a vinegar cleaning solution before going with a commercial cleaning descaling product. Lastly always remember to use a nonabrasive sponge and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

In the end

Coachella Maids are experts in providing house cleaning services, including deep cleaning services such as cleaning your stainless-steel appliances. We ensure the right techniques and cleaning products are used to not damage your appliances in any way.

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