How To Clean The Outdoor Grill

Get ready to use some elbow grease when you clean an outdoor grill! Of course the best piece of advice we can give is to clean the grill every time you use it but that doesn’t always happen. If the weather or climate in general is more humid you’ll need more cleaning sessions to prevent mold, rust and corrosion in general.

Start with the Grill Grates

This is the most important part of your cleaning session with the outdoor grill, as this is what actually touches your food. A good soak in warm water and a mild cleaning detergent, preferably dish soap, is the best place to start with this deep cleaning.

From there, you want to get a special grill brush that’s built to scrub diligently on the metallic grates. Scrub these parts well and ensure you remove all the grime and buildup. If you notice anything that is particularly stubborn, you can soak that up with a baking soda cleaning paste.

Finally rinse out the grates and dry them with a paper towel.

Clean the body of the grill

From there, you want to scrub the interior with the same heavy-duty grill brush combined with that mild cleaning solution and rinse it repeatedly with warm water.

For the exterior of the grill you can just wipe it with a paper towel or sponge. You only need to use a cleaning agent if it looks visibly dirty. However you’ll still want to rinse it with warm water a few times.

In the end

Make sure that you’ve completely dried the grill after it’s cleaned. For those with a gas grill you want to lubricate it again to prevent food from sticking in the future.

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