How to clean the refrigerator

Your fridge should go through a monthly cleaning schedule to ensure that there isn’t a major buildup of grime and residue from food particles left behind. Let’s look a bit deeper into this how to clean the refrigerator, which should be considered a form of deep cleaning.

Empty your fridge completely

The first step is to empty all of contents from the fridge. That means taking out all the food and beverages inside. Throw away any leftovers you promised yourself you would eat but simply never got around too. Place everything you want to put back on well-placed paper towels on a counter surface to prevent leakage.

With a deep cleaning such as this, it is necessary to remove the shelves and drawers, so you can maneuver easily was you clean. Make sure to soak the shelves and drawers with warm water along with a mild cleaning solution such as a vinegar cleaner for around half an hour.

Clean the refrigerator inside

First, you want to wipe down the entire refrigerator. You can use a clean sponge, paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner here. Everything should wipe away smoothly and look clean, but, pay attention to the hard-to-clean spots.

For those harder spots you’ll want to use a small scrub brush or even a toothbrush but be careful not to scrub too hard and accidentally damage the refrigerator.

Use this opportunity to also wipe down the fridge on the outside using the same method used to clean the inside of it. Those door handles get a lot of traffic, so you want to use this as a chance to sanitize them.

Dry everything and finish up

Wipe the inside and outside with a dry paper towel so that there’s no additional moisture build-up, as that could lead to mold growing in the future, especially inside your fridge. This includes rinsing and drying the shelves and drawers you removed and placing them back inside alongside the food.

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