Cleaning Hacks for DIY

Budgets these days are tight but you still want to ensure your home stays clean. Let’s look at some simple and inexpensive cleaning hacks that will help you DIY’s clean your home.

Simple Cleaning Hacks on a Tight Budget

Here are a few tricks of the trade may not be aware of that are also eco-friendly and sustainable. Have you ever wondered how to remove the annoying coffee rings on the bottom of your cup? Try using a homemade cleaning paste with just water and baking soda.

Most people know that vinegar is used to disinfect. However, vinegar leaves that strong odor behind so try adding some fresh lemon juice and the odor immediately goes away. When cleaning wood floors or tile floors mix a half a cup of vinegar per gallon of water, add some lemon juice for that fresh scent the professionals use.

The Toilet Bomb!

Another extreme DIY hack for toilets is create your own homemade toilet bomb. For this you will need baking soda, mild citric acid, and your favorite scented essential oil. Leave the cleaning solution for several hours until it dries and starts to harden then simply scrub away the dirt with a mild toilet scrubbing brush.

Most people think it is a good idea to remove any odors coming from the garbage disposal by dropping in cut lemons and limes. However, you should never do this unless you are prepared to pay a plumber when the disposal gets clogged. Instead, try squeezing the juices down the drain with a hand held juicer and mix in some water, and nature will do the rest. Be careful of any seed deposits. Afterwards leave the running water on for a few minutes for preventive maintenance at least once or twice a month.

The 3rd DIY hack is to create an all-purpose cleaner, by mixing together water and rubbing alcohol with a 3 to 1 ratio, and like the other hacks use your favorite essential oil, such as orange or peppermint. By simply adding a small amount of dish soap you’ve now got a cleaning solution that can be used for sinks and faucets around the home.

More Cleaning Hacks Tips From The Pros

Those that offer professional housekeeping services typically use a two-bucket method. One bucket is for the cleaning solution, and the other is clean water. Once you dip into the cleaning solution, quickly wring out the mop in the water so you’re not just moping dirt everywhere.

Working with a Professional Cleaning Service

If DIY is not your thing, you can always hire a professional cleaning service like Coachella Maids.

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