Cleaning vs Sanitizing/Disinfecting

There are key differences with cleaning vs sanitizing but either way they are both important when it comes to a happy and healthy home or work environment. Yet understanding the way they differ will help you know the right approach to take based on your unique situation.

Stage 1 – The Cleaning vs Sanitizing Preclean

Before we do any cleaning vs. sanitizing/disinfecting, we need to make sure that the place is ready. That means decluttering and clearing out the pathways to cleanliness.

Stage 2 – Cleaning

Cleaning, whether it’s office cleaning or residential cleaning, it’s all about physically removing unwanted elements. This means getting rid of visible dirt and dust. This could be removing stains on a carpet or wiping away spills on a kitchen countertop.

Stage 3 – Taking the Next Step with Sanitizing/Disinfecting

The focus here is all about the reduction of germs on surfaces. Sanitizing helps to promote the removal of bacteria, viruses, and even fungi from surfaces. Disinfectant takes it a step further to work on using even stronger cleaning solutions to broaden sanitization. A professional cleaning service is the best option here as they can handle the harsher chemicals safely.

Stage 4 – Understanding the high-traffic areas with cleaning vs sanitizing

Whether you’re doing residential cleaning or office cleaning, the high-traffic areas need extra special attention. They could benefit from a higher frequency of sanitizing since they are a high-risk area for infection.

Stage 5 – Review and repeat

Always make sure that you’re doing the cleaning vs. sanitizing / disinfecting practice in this order. Think of precleaning as the planning phase, cleaning as the primer, and sanitizing as the main event.

Have professionals help you maintain a clean environment

Thankfully at Coachella Maids, we offer both types of services and offer residential cleaners as well as professional cleaning services for the office. When you get in contact with us, we’ll work on your schedule and build out the best cleaning maintenance strategy possible.

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